Strange World

It's a strange world; Cruelty to humanity, Kindness to the perishable. Sitting on the throne of envy. Friends to foes, foes to stranger; Where is it that we are headed to? This creation of magnificence and refinement, Looks like a far-fetched imagination. Another heart grief-stricken, Another promise abandoned. Feeling feelings unexplained, Walking towards the world … Continue reading Strange World


Lost and Gone…

I open my eyes just to see you're gone, Away to the world beyond. A promise of never looking back, A promise of never coming back. Your love knew no boundaries, How is it, you did, what you did? All you've left me with is, Your hand full of blessing. I hold your memories deep in … Continue reading Lost and Gone…

Perfect Scars

Walking down the memory lane, Of the pleasant and the unpleasant. Rekindling the thoughts of all she prevailed. Only a moment's instant pain, lasting forever. The wounds imprinted on the soul, Whispering to her every single day, A pang of misery that it was! Nothing left to rise out of it again. Life was but … Continue reading Perfect Scars