To Make or Break!?!

Every year thousands of resolutions are made and even more, are broken. Sometimes, I wonder, why do we even make one? When majorly they end up broken. It's a never-ending process. Years come and go by and so does our resolutions. Speaking out of personal experience, none of my past resolutions have ever seen the sunlight. … Continue reading To Make or Break!?!


Falling for Writing…

Words... Words... Words... They defy me sometimes and yet I play with them all the time. A couple of weeks ago I was asked about my story behind my writing. It got me thinking, "Do I even have a story?" Maybe yes or maybe no. In fact what I do have is a relationship, rather. Up until … Continue reading Falling for Writing…

Mundane Life

Long roads, Messy thoughts; Baffled and lost in the countryside, Walking down the path unknown, Searching for meaning to this day. The feeling of emptiness from within, The never-ending thwart begins. "What is the purpose of this life?" "I am burning"- day in and day out. The anatomy of life a riddle, The one that … Continue reading Mundane Life