An Open Letter To My Parents

  It's amusing how the smallest of things just pass by without any significance. Their true value is only understood when you're distant away from it. It's been a while living away from my parents but up until I saw a loved one lose a parent, I realised that I never valued them as much … Continue reading An Open Letter To My Parents


Go back to the time…

Sunday afternoon, sitting on my balcony as I see the winds making the coconut trees dance and my thoughts wander around; it strikes me as to how times have changed and how far we’ve come in regards to the functioning of the universe. It breaks my heart to see how we’ve used and abused every … Continue reading Go back to the time…

Mundane Life

Long roads, Messy thoughts; Baffled and lost in the countryside, Walking down the path unknown, Searching for meaning to this day. The feeling of emptiness from within, The never-ending thwart begins. "What is the purpose of this life?" "I am burning"- day in and day out. The anatomy of life a riddle, The one that … Continue reading Mundane Life