Humanity, a lost virtue…

We live in times where showing our emotions, being vulnerable, kind, empathetic, generous are all considered as signs of weakness. Living in this fast paced world of social media and instant results we humans have forgotten our basic virtue of humanity. Our lack of empathy and compassion shows us the kind of demons that we … Continue reading Humanity, a lost virtue…

Living The Independent Life..

As a kid and those growing up years, I was extremely fascinated by the whole idea of living an independent life. No female in my family had ever lived one (Indian, Hindu family, what more to say) and hence forth the fascination. What did that really mean at that time? Getting a job, earning my own … Continue reading Living The Independent Life..

Strange World

It's a strange world; Cruelty to humanity, Kindness to the perishable. Sitting on the throne of envy. Friends to foes, foes to stranger; Where is it that we are headed to? This creation of magnificence and refinement, Looks like a far-fetched imagination. Another heart grief-stricken, Another promise abandoned. Feeling feelings unexplained, Walking towards the world … Continue reading Strange World

Gender Equality?

Gender Equality has always been a debatable topic across all platforms. We all speak about it as per our benefits. This post is somewhat a contradiction to the other two posts that I wrote a couple of months back called- "DAUGHTERS IN INDIA" and "HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY."  In the article, I had mentioned a few … Continue reading Gender Equality?