The Place Where I Belong: Sikkim

They say that the Home is where the Heart is and my heart for as long as I know has been in this small town of Sikkim. Whenever I am in the city or otherwise I can never stop gushing about this place. I can just go on and on about the beauty and the … Continue reading The Place Where I Belong: Sikkim


Gender Equality?

Gender Equality has always been a debatable topic across all platforms. We all speak about it as per our benefits. This post is somewhat a contradiction to the other two posts that I wrote a couple of months back called- "DAUGHTERS IN INDIA" and "HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY."  In the article, I had mentioned a few … Continue reading Gender Equality?

Perfect Scars

Walking down the memory lane, Of the pleasant and the unpleasant. Rekindling the thoughts of all she prevailed. Only a moment's instant pain, lasting forever. The wounds imprinted on the soul, Whispering to her every single day, A pang of misery that it was! Nothing left to rise out of it again. Life was but … Continue reading Perfect Scars