Modern Day Romance

Love and Romance are considered to be two of most beautiful words driving a lot of people’s lives. But the modern day’s definition of it makes me want to punch myself in the face or rather choke myself in the throat. Those words have seemed to have lost its true essence, meaning and purity. It’s just words flying around in the air.

Dating, love, marriage have all become a tedious task. There was a time when all of this was a lot simpler and followed a natural process. In earlier times, communication began by being introduced by a common friend or meeting someone at work or someone you approached just out of sheer fondness. There was one phone no internet or online dating. It was rather an era of love letters (I wish we still wrote them).

Then came the revolutionary ‘INTERNET’ that changed the entire world’s perspective and vision. When online dating came into the scenario it completely changed the meaning to dating altogether. People no longer left love for serendipitous encounters, instead, they began going out in the hunt for it.

No matter what your status is – single, committed, it’s complicated or we’re just good friends there’s something we are all obsessing about online. Something that was a natural process with the coming in of technology the entire scenario has changed into something ridiculous. The ease of being constantly available has killed the thrill of the chase and killed the romance, to a great extent.

Rather than meeting someone in person, we choose to meet their social media pages; the latter being the easier path. We choose to form an opinion or give merits on the basis of their posts, tweets or Instagram followers. Believe it or not, the coming in of the digital age has changed all rules, standards and definition of modern romance. Phrases like ‘are you on facebook’ or ‘tweet me’ have taken over all conversations and ‘e-flirting’ seems to be the cool or the in-thing. Swipe right or left and find love. Back out before even giving it a chance.


The one and the most important thing lacking in this fast-paced dating age is communication. Communication is the stepping stone to any relationship, but are we really getting enough of it? Is, the abundance of information present out there to be blamed? Who knows? Between Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber and so many more, we sure have the capability of meaningful communication – we just don’t seem to be using them right.

Let’s not even get started as to what happens to us when the word ‘COMMITMENT’ comes into the picture. Sweaty feet and hands, and then come to the panic attack; nervous breakdown followed by breakup. Why do we fear to commit to someone especially when it comes to love or romance? Isn’t that what we’re really looking at – emotional connect and togetherness. The plethora of options that have been given to us has just corrupted our mindset.

So what are we suppose to do now?

How do we get back to reality?

Social media certainly brings people together and helps in connecting old friends. It also provides us with the opportunity of meeting numerous people. Beyond that, it’s totally up to us how we nurture and build that relationship or any other relationship for that matter.  Even after finding someone online, we never wish to take the next step. We do not take the efforts of getting out of your comfort zone and making efforts of turning it into something beautiful. It’s about time that we begin to start taking things offline; find a way back to reality.

Romance is not really dead, we’re just in danger of neglecting it. Sometimes when I listen to love stories by my elder sisters or my friends elder sister or my aunts and uncles it makes me realise that true value of love and real-world romance. One of my aunt’s statement always amused me, she told me, “The kind of love that we’ve experienced, kids these days can never even get close to that.”

When I actually pondered upon the thought, she was correct. We can never experience the kind of love or romance as they did. They worked upon their relationships rather than discarding them when things got difficult. They did not fear commitment; their love for sure did not change according to seasons. We need to get over sweeping 140 character tweets and write meaningful notes. We need to get out of comfort zone, have that difficult and uncomfortable conversation, take that step, confess your love, do whatever it takes to be with someone that really matters. We need to make new rules when it comes to Modern Day Romance.

And as Chuck Bass says it –



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