An Open Letter To My Parents


It’s amusing how the smallest of things just pass by without any significance. Their true value is only understood when you’re distant away from it. It’s been a while living away from my parents but up until I saw a loved one lose a parent, I realised that I never valued them as much as I should. No one likes to be taken for granted; neither me nor do they.

Mamma and Papa,

There will never be enough words in this universe that can express my gratitude for you. I feel blessed to have you both as my parents. You both have moulded me into the human being that I am today. I hope you are equally proud of me as I am of myself for what you’ve made me into.  I have truly realised your worth and importance in my life. I owe every bit of my existence to you both.

A mere Thank you is just not enough for all the sacrifices and hardships that you both have been through. However, all that I have to give you both is gratitude. Giving you both a prize or a medal or even an award is just not enough for the brat you’ve dealt with. You deserve anything that stands beyond that. You both may not be perfect and neither am I, but you’ve served me everything that was perfect – upbringing and values.

I cannot be more thankful to God for blessing me with parents like you both. You’ve always let me do what I wanted to without asking one question in return; not only have you let me go and live my life but also welcomed me back with open arms when I’ve made a mess out of it. No judgements, no questions! You have, in fact, have given me full rights to my life without any conditions applied to them. I am thankful to you for allowing me to be the person that I am today.

I know, that, I am, certainly not the ideal daughter for kind parents like you both.  I have, in fact, given you some tough times to deal with for which I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. You did more than you both could and all I did was behave like a jerk. Now as I’ve turned into an adult and come across young children misbehaving with their parents, do I realise how mean was I to you both. This is one part I’ll always hate about my own self.

Sometimes you make me think, how is it even possible for you both to tolerate a person like me? And when I ask you this question all you say is – “you’re worth more than this.”


How do you both do this?

This never-ending goodness, sacrifices and love. Where do you get this from?

You’ll never answer and I’ll never know.

Out of all the gifts that you’ve showered me with the best one you’ve given me is my brother. No matter how much we fight or disagree with things he is surely my most prized possession. You both make me feel that I surely did something good in my past life to be blessed with parents like you both.

Whenever I forget to tell you two how important you are to me, I want you to read this letter and know that this doesn’t encompass how much you mean to me. Life moves fast, but my love for you both remains unchanged. I am blessed to have been raised by the two of you and hope to be half as good a parent as the ones I was raised by.

Thank You, Mamma and Papa, for this blessed life.


Your daughter.



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