Go back to the time…

Sunday afternoon, sitting on my balcony as I see the winds making the coconut trees dance and my thoughts wander around; it strikes me as to how times have changed and how far we’ve come in regards to the functioning of the universe. It breaks my heart to see how we’ve used and abused every bit of the richness and goodness the universe has to offer; how development has made human creature lazy like never before.

Hence, all I want is to go back…

to times when childhood was overflowing with innocence.

to the times when playing meant going out and digging into the beauties of Mother Nature.

to the times when getting a candy or an ice cream gave utmost happiness.

to the times when school meant friends, play and a little bit of studying.

to the times when the only race we ran was on sports days.

to the times when owning a television was a luxury rather than a necessity.

to the times when our through weren’t corrupted by opinions.

to the times where reading, dancing, writing were simple joys of life.

to the times when reading and writing a letter communicated more than just words.

to the times when you’re heart skipped several beats and stomach danced full of butterflies as the eyes spotted your crush.

to the times when the beauty of love overpowered lust.

to the times when the world was a lot kinder and prettier.

to the times when human feelings and emotions were more valuable.

to the times we loved humans and used things.

to the times when being happy was all that mattered…

The list is an endless one. Times agave changed and so have we. As we upgrade ourselves economically and socially we decline our core values of humanity, kindness, love and generosity.

Hence, all I want is to go back in time…

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