Falling for Writing…

Words… Words… Words…

They defy me sometimes and yet I play with them all the time. A couple of weeks ago I was asked about my story behind my writing. It got me thinking, “Do I even have a story?” Maybe yes or maybe no. In fact what I do have is a relationship, rather. Up until I officially started writing a blog it was a love-hate relationship that I had with it. I always wanted to write but I didn’t; I was always mesmerised by the beauty of words and yet never attempted to make friends with them.

‘You cannot become a writer if you don’t read.’ This one line changed my relationship status with writing. It went on from a love-hate status quo to committed. Writing is just not merely a hobby or a way of passing time for me. It’s much deeper and meaningful. It is the one thing that I am passionate about; something that gives definition, direction and purpose to my life. The writing travelled the journey from being bad to descent to good (occasionally). Not a bad start after all for an eight-month-old beginner.

As much as I am enjoying this journey, there are days when I dread waking up and getting lost staring at a blank screen. But that’s the beauty of writing, I guess! Often when faced with this scenario, I question myself, “Why do I want to write?” The only reason I can think is – the sheer love and fulfilment for it. It gives me a sense of happiness and completeness when I write. I open my diary to scribble words, I open a laptop to type down words and right now it’s just an unexplainable joy that I experience to be writing down my thoughts.

The beauty of writing is not in the recognition that one gets or the number of followers they have but the deep-rooted connection one feels with the words written and giving the thoughts a life. Some are sad, some are happy, some foolish, some painful, some are deep and some just random. It is something that touches someone from within; words hold that power. Every word of the sentence – “A pen is mightier than a sword,” justifies itself.

Writing is its own form of innovation. No major skill set is required for it apart from love for it. The ability to write is the best gift to humanity. It feels inexplicable when people message me that my words motivate them, give them hope and that they feel connected not only with the words written but also with the emotions that have been put behind it.

I may certainly not even be close to being a decent writer at the moment but I definitely know that I’ll gradually get there. I have stories to tell and beliefs to share. Writing has changed my life and there are much more whose are waiting to be changed. Words are the only way to have real connections. There is no better way I can think of to express, understand and showcase my thoughts and beliefs.

There will always be infinite stories in this universe waiting to be read but there’s always a place for one more story to be read. There’s nothing else that I can imagine myself doing; for it is in writing that my search for meaning ends, connecting me to my inner-self and the universe.

Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.

—Stephen King





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