Mundane Life

Long roads, Messy thoughts;
Baffled and lost in the countryside,
Walking down the path unknown,
Searching for meaning to this day.

The feeling of emptiness from within,
The never-ending thwart begins.
“What is the purpose of this life?”
“I am burning”- day in and day out.

The anatomy of life a riddle,
The one that I don’t mean to solve.
The anger and sourness from within,
Taking me to a place I’ve never been.

“All is good”- so they say,
“Is it me or the world unfair?”
Senseless words; fruitless efforts;
A silence in the beauty awaits.

It’s a beautiful life – I know;
Mysteries, Miracles and The Mystical.
Finding a way as the journey unfolds;
Looking for value to the things that behold.

Stuck in the juxtapose of ordinary and amazing;
This humdrum life seems so exhausting,
That’s what they call living,
Turning the mundane into the astonishing.

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