Words as sweet as heaven,
Promises as deep as sea,
Eyes filled with eternal innocence,
The kind whispers of deceit.

Believing with closed eyes,
Listening with closed ears,
You occupied every sense of mine;
Just to know it was a beautiful lie.

With every breath I took,
With every word you spoke,
I prayed and prayed,
For them to be true.

I believe you are something;
That which you are not.
Contemplating of nothing but another lie;
You’ve come a long way covering miles.

I hope you reach a day,
Where you are lost of words,
Your soul shattering and body tangled,
In the pain of your own lies.

You are a beautiful mistake of mine,
Remembering me of times I’ve lain.
You stood there watching me in pain,
Yet choosing to lie one more time again…

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