Comfortable being Un-Comfortable

Get comfortable being uncomfortable- if someone suggested this to me probably six months ago, I would be like- what nonsense? Why would I ever want to that? I am very much comfortable where I am. There was nothing more I despised then CHANGE in my life. It would just come as this huge tornado in my life and create a mess out me. Until reality came knocking on my door saying- you’re comfortable where you are, good for you, but that is also the reason why you’re not growing or achieving greater heights.

I was honestly startled coming to terms with it. I was actually stuck, nothing much was happening around me, the days were coming in and passing on in the same manner and I was getting dull with it. I was taking same actions every day and expecting different results, which was never possible. This famous teaching of Stoic Philosophy has changed people’s lives for good. They believe that one should put themselves in situations of discomfort in order to increase their comfort range.

There have been moments, situations and instances where I had to actually set foot out of my comfort zone and do things and handle situations; ironically and funnily those were the situations that actually taught me most and shaped me into the person that I have become. I then realized that all my experiences were a result of me getting uncomfortable and overcoming my own self-imposed restrictions.

One of the major reasons why we do not want to change or get uncomfortable is because we’re afraid to feel the fear, the pain or the general feeling of nervousness that goes with achieving greater heights. Regardless of our ambitions- both personal and professional- the most successful people know that superiority demands more of ourselves than others expect of us… Because as the saying goes there’s no light without darkness; similarly, there’s no growth without pain.

In my journey to get comfortable being uncomfortable, I found out that few ways to deal with it-

  1. START- The worst part of anything is the first step that needs to be taken. If we’re courageous enough to do that half the battle is won. Everything in the beginning sucks, but try and look at the brighter side as to what can be obtained out of this experience. Give it a chance at least. Just start, things will surely fall into place.
  2. DON’T QUIT-  You decided to start something not so that you quit when it gets tuff. You fail to like anything at the beginning and want to give up and that’s when you need to need to stick to it most and give it all that you have. You made a decision, stick to it. Nothing is worth the excuses and if there is one it maybe a really solid one.
  3. PUSH YOURSELF- Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. We are humans and hence it is not possible to know everything. There will always come a time or situation in life where we say, “I don’t know how to do this.” or “I’ve never done this before.” Ask, don’t just give up. Push yourself, travel that extra mile. Get it done. It’s scary, but when it’s done you’ll be like, “it wasn’t that bad after all.” No matter what just do it.
  4. EMBRACE THE DIFFICULTIES- Nothing worth having in life comes easy if it did everyone would have it and there would be no value to it. The situations and the circumstances will never be a happy one; there would be times when it’s going to be hard- we need to deal with it. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse that’s when it does. Embrace it with open arms and get ready to see the positive changes in you.
  5. IDENTIFY YOUR IMPROVEMENTS- Track your progress and celebrate it. You’re no longer the person you are when you started. Go back to your experience and see how far you’ve come.
  6. RINSE.REPEAT. – There’s an old Russian saying, povtorenie mat ucheniya, which means “repetition is the mother of learning.” The more we do it, the more we gain. There can never be an alternative to hard work that helps us climb the ladder of success and self-development.

Take actions and prepare to experience massive growth; only once you make that one small decision of making your self UNCOMFORTABLE. We all have the potential in the world and are capable of greater achievements.


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