Humanity, a lost virtue…

We live in times where showing our emotions, being vulnerable, kind, empathetic, generous are all considered as signs of weakness. Living in this fast paced world of social media and instant results we humans have forgotten our basic virtue of humanity. Our lack of empathy and compassion shows us the kind of demons that we are turning into. At times, I wonder what kind of a world are we leaving behind for our children and the generations to come by? The world full of meanness, unkindness, selfishness, and animosity.

We have educated ourselves and our children with the best of education; using the best of technologies and having a comfortable social life. But no school or gadgets or society could ever teach us our basic nature of humanity, kindness, generosity, empathy etc. In today’s fast moving world possessing all of these are considered traits of being naive and weak.

Currently, the world has suddenly woken up to this hue and cry of world-starvation, the need of love amongst one and all. What are we really doing about it? Nothing, just talk. We, humans, love to talk and share our expertise in all matters of importance but never take any actual actions to make a difference. Time and again we have fought in the name of religion and customs and rituals, but doesn’t all religions teach the same teachings and have the same motive?

All religions, no matter what, preach humanity, kindness, and love. So what’s the whole point of fighting about the superiority of religions? We, humans, have divided the world in the name of caste, creed, religion, color, and gender and achieved nothing out of it. We are so stuck up with the pre-conceived notions of our own religions that we refuse to look beyond what our gods are trying to convey. Dividing the world in the name of religion, harming others, being unkind is certainly not what they preach.

We, humans, are gifts from God to mankind, our bodies are made the same and so are our souls. How are we really different from any other? All this hatred amongst one another has lead us nowhere; it’s time that we take some actions to make this world a little better Love is a feeling that every human has in abundance and is easy to share. It is very easy to love our near and dear ones; the actual challenge lies in being kind, generous and loving to strangers.

I am often asked by people- what’s the point of helping others when no one acknowledges my efforts or rewards me for it? It’s funny how people relate everything in terms of gain and loss. Certain things are beyond all of these; same goes the acts of doing good deeds and being kind. If I help or do go to someone it’s not with any motive of something in return, it’s purely out of humanity. It makes me happy to see someone else happy because of me; in an arduous world that we are living in where nothing comes for free random acts of kindness goes a long way.

We all wish for a better world, nothing worth having comes easy in life; it’s about time we wake up and make some real efforts rather than just talking and dividing the world in the name of differents sects. Humanity is a religion for one and all. We just need human beings in order to follow it. If every person decides to take a step towards it living behind our vices, we could create a better world away from cruelty and unkindness.




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