Strange World

It’s a strange world;
Cruelty to humanity,
Kindness to the perishable.
Sitting on the throne of envy.

Friends to foes, foes to stranger;
Where is it that we are headed to?
This creation of magnificence and refinement,
Looks like a far-fetched imagination.

Another heart grief-stricken,
Another promise abandoned.
Feeling feelings unexplained,
Walking towards the world full of vain.

Tormented faces, teary eyes;
Glancing at the sky,
Beholding the light of hope within,
For one last act of goodness again.

Peace and kindness a lost trait.
A fray of sweet-bitter scars await.
Broken smiles question again;
Why is the world torn and bleeding again?

Bigger world with smaller hearts,
Strange words and strange thoughts,
Screaming out from a distant land,
It’s a strange world, after all!


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