Strange World

It's a strange world; Cruelty to humanity, Kindness to the perishable. Sitting on the throne of envy. Friends to foes, foes to stranger; Where is it that we are headed to? This creation of magnificence and refinement, Looks like a far-fetched imagination. Another heart grief-stricken, Another promise abandoned. Feeling feelings unexplained, Walking towards the world … Continue reading Strange World

Scattered Thoughts

Drowning in the pool of rumination, Talking to one's inner self; Floating clouds of angst and creeps, Trying to find the calmness within. Lying down unbalanced and baffled, Ciphering the thoughts unheard. What are they and why are they? Who knows? Who can answer? Black or White? This or that? What is it that I … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts