To Quit or Not to Quit?

Quitting Vs Continuing

Inspiration Vs Disappointment

Motivation Vs Demotivation

This is the dilemma that we all go through at some point in our lives. This is exactly what my current situation is like. Out of motivation, inspiration and the constant urge to quit. The day I decided to write I thought that this was something that I would never quit or get bored off. Somewhere deep within me, I was always suspicious; what if I reach the stage of boredom and the want to quit, what would I do?

I began writing with immense love and passion and something started with so much love has now become a constant reason for stress and misery, and I totally get it – it’s wrong. I’ve always been the kind of person who easily gets bored with things. I start learning things quite enthusiastically but lose interest gradually like with writing and learning French (it’s been months, I still SUCK at it).

Sometimes it makes me wonder is it natural for people to feel this way or am I special case? Haven’t found an answer to that one yet! Anyway, moving ahead, why is it that we quit when the learning gets hard? This is something that I have been questioning myself lately.

Going deeper into it I learned that, it is when we start expecting too much outcome as compared to the efforts we put in and how far we need to go in order to attain the desired results; that is when the urge to quit, loss of inspiration and demotivation sets in…

Things like this happen, it’s more than normal. Thankfully I’m not the only one. Phewww… A sigh of relief!

There are times when we are full of ideas and inspiration and there are times we’re out of it. Our efforts reach a rock bottom and then we start to ask ourselves, now what? When this happens it’s easy to feel drained out or go through an existential crisis. Sometimes we tend to lose interest in the one thing we loved and had built our whole life around it. It’s actually nothing but a false belief in our head created by one own self. Perhaps it’s our body telling us that this is not working, we need to look for a fresh perspective.

At the end of all this chaos, all that I have to tell myself is-

It’s okay to feel uninspired and take a break but quitting is not the solution to it. I will figure it out. I will come across experiences that will blow off my mind and give me ample of ideas and inspiration to write enthusiastically again and fall in love with writing all over again. I will come across things that will help me make decisions that I am fretting about at the moment. I will learn to value the journey as compared to the want to reach the destination. I will learn to focus on the important and let go of the rest. I will learn about my own nature.

So Relax-

Take some time-

Get inspired-

Take some action and pay attention-

Rest will come…


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