Watch what you speak!

Seldom do we realise, take note or pay attention to the words that come out of our mouths. Some are kind, some are not. Some are happy while some are sad. I highly doubt if anyone is even conscious about the words they speak. Words are deep-rooted within us. Our vocabulary is something that makes a deep impact on the lives that we live. Believe it or not but all our potentials are defined by the words that we choose to speak.

Don’t get me wrong here, by vocabulary I don’t really mean all the fancy words that you know or challenging any word expert. What I really mean is that the words that we consciously or unconsciously use have an incredible effect on our mind, our achievements, our behaviour, our habits and our patterns. A lot of you must have surely heard about it before but never explored on it.

We’ve always been told that we need to think positive thoughts in order to improve our lives. But I say NO. Only positive thoughts aren’t enough. Your words need to be positive too. It’s time to replace all those negative words with positive ones in your sentences.

The words that we use on a daily basis can broadly be divided into three categories-

NEGATIVE WORDS– words that are straight out negative like kill, hate or destroy. According to science even looking at negative words can make a huge impact on our brains let alone experiencing them. These words release stress hormones thus making us anxious and tensed.

LIMITING WORDS– this category of words are the ones we use more commonly. Things like “I’m busy” or “There’s just too much going on” or “Work is extremely hectic.” These sentences aren’t completely negative but are limiting.

EMPOWERING WORDS- this category of words are the ones that can make and definitely makes a huge impact on our mindsets. According to research words like ‘happy,’ ‘love,’ ‘funny,’ can you instantly feel better.

Let’s take a simple example, you want to lose weight you’re eating right and exercising well but the words that you choose to self-talk are either negative or limiting. If your actions and beliefs are going into opposite directions you will never be able to achieve the result that you’re looking for. I hope that through this example you get an idea as to how the words that we speak can shape our lives making us feel more confident, inspired and motivated.


The first word that should be replaced is “I SHOULD…” We all use it, in fact, we overuse it. The word SHOULD often bring guilt, disappointment and regret along with it. Think about it when you say that, “I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT,” the statement itself is enough to make you guilty for not doing the task already.

Switch I SHOULD with words like – “I COULD DO” or “I CHOOSE TO” or “I DESIRE TO…” All these words help you create a possibility.

The other word we totally exploit is “I CAN’T.” Henry Ford says, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” When we say, “I Can’t,” you are doing nothing but stopping yourself from even trying the thing out. At least give yourself a chance to understand something or do something.

Switch I CAN’T with words like- “I’M TRYING” or “I’M THINKING ABOUT IT” or add YET to the sentence. For instance, “I CAN’T DO THAT YET,” you can definitely see the shift of meaning and positivity in the way you choose to speak the sentence. This way you give yourself a chance to get over your old beliefs and create new opportunities.

Switch I AM BUSY with- “I AM BEING PRODUCTIVE” or “I AM ENGAGED DOING OHER THINGS AT THE MOMENT” or “I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT.” Saying all these words not only affect you in a positive manner but also makes a very good, happy and positive impact on the listener as well.


Switch “I’VE GOT A PROBLEM” with- “I’VE GOT A CHALLENGE” or “I AM TRYING TO SOLVE THIS SITUATION.” This switching of words is an excellent way of moving from limiting to empowering space.


Try and understand that your words carry energy and meaning. You need start shifting all your energies to positivity to transform your lives. Start adding words like- “I AM RESEARCHING” or “I AM WILLING TO” or “I AM WORKING TOWARDS IT” or “I AM COMMITTED TO IT” or “I AM LEARNING ABOUT IT” or even “I AM AIMING TOWARDS IT.”

Just shifting the way you speak about your experience changes the whole experience itself. Words are great we just need to learn which one to use and which one to remove. Only you can decide the words that you want to speak neither can you choose it for someone nor can someone choose it for you.



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