Lost and Gone…

I open my eyes just to see you’re gone,
Away to the world beyond.
A promise of never looking back,
A promise of never coming back.

Your love knew no boundaries,
How is it, you did, what you did?
All you’ve left me with is,
Your hand full of blessing.

I hold your memories deep in me,
To keep me loved, to keep me guarded.
I travel miles to find your being,
Just to get lost and vanquished.

All the bitter, all the sweet,
Memories that I relive,
A way to keep you alive,
A way to keep you close.

Every corner speaks of you,
Of the uncanny, of the magical.
A shadow of your’s I try to hold,
A stupid act, I suppose.

With closed eyes, I pray every night,
To find that one chance-
To see your face, to feel your presence,
To see you again, someday…


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