Everyone desires (if not become) to be a good human being in this world full of meanness. But let’s face it we live in a world drawn to negativity, ego, vanity, pride and sarcasm. I have in this short life of mine seen people being really mean to each other and for what? God Knows!  Sometimes it really makes me wonder if being kind and compassionate is a crime in today’s time.

I, in fact, belong to a family where everyone is constantly fighting, arguing and talking ill about each other. They do not even talk to each other properly let alone practising kindness and compassion. In a world full of evil and hatred it’s rare to see someone being kind to someone and even if someone is they are labelled as being “fake” or “stupid.”

Being kind in an unkind world does not come easy but it’s also not unobtainable. We all go through difficult times in our lives. There’ll always be the good as well as the bad. Our outlook during times like these makes us the person that we are. Just a simple “thank you” and “good morning” or an act of offering a glass of water to the security guard or helping an old lady cross the road can make someone utterly happy. The flow of happiness and joy between two people is beyond imagination.

A few acts and words of kindness goes a long way.

Being kind or spreading happiness does not require for you to take on the path of social service. We do not require to become the next Mother Teresa; that’s honestly not possible. Start small. My brother, in fact, taught me a very good lesson; helping others doesn’t always happen monetarily, I can do good even by wishing for everyone’s well-being and happiness. Even thinking about someone’s happiness and praying helps the other person immensely. Our thoughts can lead to great actions.

Being kind to others doesn’t come easily, understood, being kind to one own self also doesn’t come easily at all. I’ve always been very critical about everything that I have ever done in my life. It’s not until someone told me that, “You talk of being KIND to others. How will you do that? You are not even kind to yourself.” To my misery, that was completely right. We can never be kind to others if we aren’t kind to ourselves and that’s where we need to start. Stop listening to others and start listening to yourself.

Walking down the path of kindness and compassion is not an easy one. There’ll always be people who will judge you – let them be – that defines them, not you; you get what you give. So learn to give love, kindness and humility. There’ll also be times when you might also be considered to be weak, naive or vulnerable for being kind to others. IGNORE OR TURN DEAF!

Kindness is, in fact, a sign of strength and nobility. It doesn’t come easy and is not meant for everybody.

As a matter of fact, I can give a list of things that happen by being KIND –

  • Kind people are much more attractive
  • It makes you feel better from within
  • Kindness in Stress out
  • It’s definitely a key to success
  • We are happier when we are kind
  • It turns into our natural behaviour

Not so bad after all. Just for a moment, think, how beautiful would this universe be if every person living decided to do one act of kindness every day to make someone’s day better. We seldom realise, but by helping someone else we are in return making our lives better and meaningful. Stop judging and start respecting. When someone is unkind to us that’s when we need to practice it the most and that’s when the person needs kindness the most.

Change your mindset.

Be more positive.

Be kind.

Be Compassionate.

Spread happiness.


Love wholeheartedly.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

∼ Mark Twain

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