Silence- Listen To It!

Human existence is overflown with noises. The mere act of waking up in the morning starts with the buzzing of the alarm clock followed by blaring music, beeping coffee pot, numerous phone notifications and so on. We live in a constant state cacophony and some of the most arduous and stressing sounds are the ones within our heads. There’s always something being played internally on an auto-pilot mode. The external clamor of the outer-world along with the chatter of the mind leaves us deaf to the beauty of SILENCE.

Silence has a very positive energy to it like no other forms of energies. It brings a person closer to itself, makes them analyze their doings, clears the thoughts and counsels like no other therapists. Nonetheless, the problem with silence is that many people feel the need to fill the void of silence with needless chatter, with television, with Music, with a noise of some kind. Silence can be discomforting and can make people feel uncomfortable and alone, that’s why the world is filled with Televisions that have been left on when nobody is watching, for background noise.

Silence, however, does not come easily to a lot of us. Especially, in the modern times that we are living in. For a lot of us, silence has become an “acquired taste,” if it suits your palette, great, if not then, well, maybe, it’s not your cup of tea.  At times, I really wonder: Is making room for silence in our lives that difficult a task to achieve in our modern, techno-noisy society? And amidst all these noises are we missing out on the whispers and magic of the universe and the self that are trying to reach us out?


Well, it definitely is! In fact, it’s everywhere around us, it all depends on how and where we find it. All we need to do is make an intentional effort to create it. There cannot be anything more magical than shutting down all that noise and finding the state of utmost bliss and tranquility.


Awareness. We begin to listen to our thoughts and gain inbound focus which in return helps us refuel our minds. The outer world seems to come to a stand still. Our egos are turned off for a while or it is on the silent mode, and we start to see beauty in the smallest of things that the universe has to offer. Sometimes our thoughts get in the way of reality and hence we miss out on experiencing the real world. In silence, we can introspect and get in touch with our real thoughts that become unclear due to the external noises.

In Silence, it is your true self that speaks rather than your ego that does the talking most of the time. The beauty of silence is that it simply “is.” What silence has to offer can never be defined in words — it is an opportunity to experience the unexperienced, discover the mysteries and lessons that exist within and most of all feel the peace and calm within.


It may sound impossible to a lot of us, but trust me it isn’t. We all can make small adjustments in our daily lives and make a huge difference. Mentioned below are a few ways to achieve it-

  1. As you wake up in the morning, instead of reaching for your phone, just sit down calmly for five minutes and concentrate on your breath. Trust me there can be no better way to start the day (even better than checking Facebook or Instagram).
  2. Sip your tea/coffee with nature in place of a television. The sounds of Mother Nature fills you up with stillness to get you through the day.
  3. Create silence zone in your house or room. Keep all your gadgets away from it and enjoy some reading or journaling.
  4. Mediate – even if it is for 10 minutes.
  5. Go for a walk without your phone or i-pod. Listen to nature’s sound and get lost in its melody.

All of these small steps can help bring a feeling of eternal bliss, rest, and balance. We should learn to celebrate the beauty of certain sounds, such as the art of making music or the sounds of the rains. We must all shut the external noises and allow Mother Nature’s music sing to us. Through this, we realize the power of its spiritual healing and divinity. Lastly, with silence lies a chance to hear ourselves and accommodate our own inner voice.

I would like to leave you with an overpowering passage from Wayne Dyer, a believer in the importance of cultivating silence:

“It’s really the space between the notes that makes the music you enjoy so much.”


13 thoughts on “Silence- Listen To It!

  1. Gobind Saraf says:

    Great thoughts . But can we really implement or apply these in our lives. Is a question mark. U have covered the issue nicely. I feel silence in just within ourselves as u mentioned (meditation). But how to find time for oneself in this complex running lives of ours. Keep it up and God bless u.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shiwangi Agarwal says:

      Thank you so much… I definitely feel we can apply it in our lives if not all of it. That is the whole challenge one faces. Honestly, I also feel that we definitely can spare 10 minutes of our daily routine.


  2. Vishant Agarwal says:

    I really liked reading this. What u said was very raw truth and yes so well covered. It was a very thorough one.
    Keep posting more.

    Liked by 1 person

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