Busy: Are we?

I’m busy.

How often do we all use this statement?

I’m sure most of us use it all the time.

Ask anyone today, “How’s it going?”, the answer is never “fine” anymore. Instead, the response is always some degree of frazzled. The scale ranges from “busy” to “crazy busy” to “insane.”

Honestly, just stop for a second and think, are we actually busy or it’s just something that we say to ourselves to satisfy our egos. ‘Being Busy’ is nothing but a myth; it’s merely a status symbol in today’s time. The problem with Millenials these days is that we think that we are successful only if we stay busy. We’ll only be happy if we are constantly busy, we’ll value ourselves more only if we are busy. We’ve just put unnecessary pressure on us to meet up with the guidelines defined by someone insignificant.

Ask yourself, what are we really busy doing? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Netflix? What is it really?



We’ve all told our friends and families that we couldn’t call them or pick their calls because we were busy, I too did that, but not anymore. We couldn’t meet our loved ones, we were busy. Earlier, I always pushed pursuing my hobbies, why? Because I was busy. Rubbish! Believe it or not, we only make efforts towards things and people who matter to us, for the rest of the world we were, are and will always be too busy. That’s what it’s all about, Priorities.

Sarcastic, rude or mean as it may sound, these days when someone messages me saying that, “I am sorry I couldn’t read your articles.” All I can think of is reading my articles is just isn’t your priority. Not that I hold any grudge or negative feelings against those people. Negativity is exhausting, trust me!

A lot can be learned from not being busy

  1. We can learn to be more present. Life is made up of moments. Some that are good, some that are bad, some that change us, some that provoke us to actions. Being busy all the time does not allow you to enjoy the small beauties of life.
  2. We start to make excuses in order to deal with real life problems. Something as simple as neglecting or health in order to prosper at work. We do not realise that we are just decreasing our productivity rather than increasing it.
  3. When we’re busy we stop investing in ourselves. We are the most important company we’ll ever work for. Invest in developing in your hobbies and learning new skills. Everything is available at the click of a button. The Internet has it all. We all need to ask ourselves – Can we really grow by remaining the same?
  4. We need to learn to take out time to do nothing. Highly successful people in the world take the time to actively not do things. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner schedules blocks of time that are free periods for him to think, strategize and refocus. If a CEO can find time, I challenge you to also figure out areas where you can block your own time.
  5. We can learn to appreciate and respect ourselves. Self-love and self-care are very necessary for us to thrive.Taking a vacation or a day off isn’t being lazy or neglecting your responsibilities: it’s a part of growing your mind, body and soul physically and spiritually.

I am not against having goals and pursuing them. Neither am I saying that we should look for alternatives to avoid work. Having things to do isn’t bad. But busyness without purpose or meaning is the perfect combination of anxiety, personal dissatisfaction and burnout.

Stop the glorification of busy. Get out of that nutshell. Start appreciating things for what they are. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth having is. Value and talk to people and not their Facebook page. Everything requires time and patience. Slow Down. Take a deep breath. Being busy isn’t making that painful job any better, so might as well take time out it to make things simpler, easier and joyful.

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ― Socrates


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