My heart melts when I see your face,
Those gleaming eyes and delicate smile,
Lights up the day after the dark night,
You’re captivating allure illuminating my life.

The eyes speak more than words and express more than feelings.
The depth drowns me to a new world; your world.
The world that embodies pure and immortal love.
Love that transcends the universe, love that alters the soul.

The smile says what the heart can’t,
A purpose not attained,
A belonging not met.
It wants to speak more than it wishes.

Perhaps, a love to be felt,
An emotion to be expressed or a feeling to be felt.
This chaos makes you incomplete and yet you complete me.
Your calmness wallows out the adversities within.

There’s no other place to find you but within me.
I want you to know, I want you to care,
But that’s a far-fetched thought in my head,
I’ll hold it close, until the time – I see you down the hallway.

The moment the eyes meet and the heart connects.
No words to be said, no feelings to be shown.
The souls talking the language of timeless love.
The yearning that transcends the universe…

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