Short Shitty Poems

When over-drowned in feelings words seem much more meaningful than ever. That’s exactly what happened to me two years back when I got my heartbroken for the Nth number to time (now, I don’t even remember who the guy was). I randomly took down a notebook and started writing few shitty lines (at that point I thought it was very meaningful). Two years later, it turned out not to be that shitty, might be a little cheesy, though!

For some reason, I just decided to share it with everyone just to show what stupidity we do when our hearts are so-called ‘Broken.’

Here it goes –


I’ve had a thousand conversations with you in my mind,

As that’s when I feel elated and alive,

Your thoughts have that magic on me,

I don’t expect you to know, I don’t expect you to care,

Until you do, I’ll keep talking to you in my mind.

I’ve lived my entire life with you in my head,

With you living yours with someone else.



Days have turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years,

The thoughts of you still seem fresh to me,

I haven’t moved a step ahead from where we first met,

I fail to understand if meeting you was the best or the worst part of my life.

You’re deep into my soul,

Now all I wish for is to remain drowned in your thoughts never to be saved.



The world seems to come to a stand still as my eyes meets yours,

You are the one that this heart desires.

My senses are occupied by your never-ending thoughts.

All this soul wishes is to meet you at the cross path,

Finding you is a far-fetched thought.

I’ll still keep you within me, till we meet again.


There are lot more of such cheesy lines scribbled in my diary. These three seemed to be the least pathetic out of all.

Please do let me know your thoughts and your stories of stupidity.

P.S- Don’t Judge. We all do stupid things when in and out of ‘love.’


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