Simply Love!

Love is said to be the most profound emotion known to human beings and so everyone has their own definition for it. A couple of days back  I was having this very conversation with one of my friend. We both tried and explained each other what our definition of love was and I somehow I just wasn’t satisfied. For her having that one true relationship was what love was summed up to, rest were all feelings that just came and went by. This really got me thinking deeply which further changed my entire belief.

In today’s time, the word Love seems to be very superficial. We, people, love everything as per our needs, convenience, and requirements due to which the word seems to have lost all meaning. It has lost its very essence and beauty.

In my pursuit of finding the deeper meaning of LOVE I discovered, it’s easy to love the saint. It’s easy to love the good. It’s easy to love those you like. It’s easy to love when life is going well. But that kind of love is nothing but a hoax. True love is learning to love no matter what. Not when everything is perfect. Not when you feel like loving. True love descends all limitations and boundaries.

We always tend to think that there are certain conditions or requirements that must be met in order for us human beings to feel love and in order for us to express love. But unfortunately loving is not about something out there, it is only what transcends in your heart. Believe it or not, our hearts has an endless capacity to love; way beyond our imagination.

True love is not found on the outside. It is also not something that can be deserved.

In fact –

True love is something that is freely given with no expectation in return.

My friend’s definition also got me thinking that, what do we really mean when we say those three magical (supposedly) words to our partner, I LOVE YOU? Do we really mean we love the other person? No, I don’t think so. What I feel, we really mean is I want you to be mine and do what I say. But real love is meant to be unconditional and not constrained. When two people come together they are individual souls on a journey of life. They both have their own lessons to learn. Unconditional love supports each person’s soul’s journey. Even if it doesn’t match yours at this time.

Trying to make your partner be what you want him/her to be isn’t true love. It is a form of MANIPULATION. When you love someone unconditionally, you set them free. Anyone can say I LOVE YOU, but the real journey and the real challenge is to live LOVE.

So, are we willing to LOVE fully now?

If not, ask yourself, why not?

And whatever you think is nothing but a mere ILLUSION.

There is no force in the universe that can actually stop you from loving selflessly and unconditionally.


4 thoughts on “Simply Love!

  1. Jayati says:

    Are we really in LOVE with the other person; that we really want them to realise their full potential, that they blossom with their uniqueness?

    Food for thought.!
    Awesomely written. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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