Life’s Got it All!

There are several things I gained after going through the devastating process of Depression. It felt like I was this new person altogether; I had this unknown energy in me which just wanted to go out and conquer the world; there was this sudden rush of positivity in my whole body. I  was amused so I spoke to my therapist about it. She was very happy to see this change in me. She then suggested that I channelise all of this new-found energy of mine into “something that I loved doing.” Oh God, not again! That is one question that I had never been able to answer even while I was not in a depression. All this while somehow I just couldn’t figure out what it was that I loved doing.

This question gave me sleepless nights for quite a few nights. Then I decided into trying all of my interests and see which one I enjoyed the most. I tried everything from reading and writing to dancing to learning how to play the guitar to cooking and several others. After a week or so into the entire quest, my senses had finally awakened. I finally found out “something that I loved doing.”

Reading and Writing. 


Now I have always been an avid reader, but a super lazy one. I enjoyed reading books but was just too lazy to read them. Things were different this time. Earlier I just read books for the heck of it and never really took anything from them. Therefore I decided to go on a reading spree, I read and read and kept reading. All those stories were much more than just mere stories. I began to look for deeper philosophical lessons in everything that I read, be it fiction or non-fiction. I gave those lessons meaning which brought about the changes in my life. That is when I got the strength of fighting the demons within me. This process of reading day and night not only brought back my love for reading it also made me realise my hidden passion for writing.

That is when I decided to write down all my lessons that I gained out of reading. All of those lessons gave me immense strength, motivated and inspired me to live a meaningful life and look beyond those difficult times. Hence I would like to share a few of those lessons that I learned with all my readers with the hope that maybe it could do some good to someone in some part of the world.

Here it goes –

  • LOVE is just a word until you decide to give it MEANING.
  • Clarity only comes by taking actions and not by just THINKING.
  • We can never go back to a place and find it exactly where we LEFT it, something somewhere will always CHANGE, most of all OURSELVES.
  • Life is always easy, it’s we human beings that COMPLICATE it.
  • By battling NEGATIVE thoughts you are bound to SUCCEED.
  • You can’t HEAL your wounds if you avoid them, learn to LOVE and EMBRACE them.
  • Everything in life is MEANINGLESS until you give it meaning. Nothing is good or bad until you decide it to be.
  • OBSTACLES will always be there, you can either surrender or fight it and emerge as a WINNER.
  • Our obstacles only make us do two things – STOP us in our tracks or FORCE us to get creative. Choose wisely!
  • As long as there is breath in your body it is never too LATE to change your story.
  • Old beliefs never lead us to NEW roads.
  • Make your life a DREAM and turn that dream into REALITY.
  • LOVE is a collaborative work of ART.
  • The world changes through your EXAMPLES, not through your OPINIONS.
  • Don’t STRESS about the future, tomorrow no matter what will COME and will eventually take CARE of itself.

All these might sound like Clichés to all but look for the deeper meaning in it and change your life, like I changed mine.

Spread the LOVE…



6 thoughts on “Life’s Got it All!

  1. Jayati says:

    Way to go Shiwangi.! 👍 ☺️
    There are three more points I would like to add to those you have given.
    1. Be easy on yourself ,
    2. ‘Devour the whale one bit at a time’,
    3. Thank yourself for everything that you do, it will heal you on a better pace and so will you utilise your time for reading more books 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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