The Chocolate Cafe…

For a person like me who has a huge sweet tooth, it becomes quite difficult to visit my friend’s house. Why? Because she is the owner of Celeste Chocolates- The Artisan of Fine Chocolates. They do justice to every word described. Celeste Chocolates are the best when it comes to producing the finest quality chocolate in India. Celeste has also been featured on a popular show called ‘Twist of Taste’ on Fox Traveller, hosted by the most popular chef Vikas Khanna.

Whenever I visited my friend’s house the first thing that always caught my senses was the smell of rich, decadent chocolate which was impossible for me to resist. Every time I met her or went to her house all I wanted was chocolates. Those chocolates were to die for and the variety they came in was just mind-boggling. I never could have decided which one I liked the most. They could make something like dates also taste amazing. Not only that even the boring Indian sweets were given a dramatic twist, something that was out of my imagination.


One day my friend invites me over to her new store that they happened to open at Lodhi Road in New Delhi. I asked her, “Are you sure you want me to come?” She replied saying, “Yeah, of course. Why would I invite you otherwise?” To that, I asked her, “If she’s forgotten my obsession for chocolates.” She said, “No, that’s why I want you to come.” Me being a crazy chocolate lover got super excited! It was as if I had won my very own Golden ticket to The Chocolate Factory. Now, I’ve always eaten Celeste Chocolates, but to go to the store and actually be amongst them was raising the adrenaline in me. Just the thought of it was giving me major sugar cravings.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered the store. There was much more than just chocolates. They had a plethora of desserts, chocolates, and sweets; amongst which my favourites were the macaroons, the hazelnut tart, and the baklava. Celeste never fails to surprise me and my taste bud. I went on to stuff my mouth with as much sugar as I could, actually, I surpassed my threshold. There was probably nothing left for me try in that store. Least did I bother about catching up with my friend, all I cared about was chocolates. I could have very easily be diagnosed with sugar that day. In true sense, it was death by chocolate for me. I could not eat sugar for a very long time after that.



Once being done savouring the chocolates, out of courtesy sake I decided to give the store a look. It was aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. At that moment in my head, I thought that she could open up an amazing cafe complimenting the chocolate store, but I didn’t really share the idea with her.

After a couple of months, she messages me saying that they’ve opened up a cafe called EYWA above the store. For once, I was actually stunned, but later I was too excited about it. And I must say I was quite impressed by the unusual name as well. She also told me that the menu was created and managed by none other than Chef  Saby (one of Delhi’s elite chefs). I thought she had been fooling around but turns she wasn’t. I’ve been a huge fan of his food and hence went bonkers when I got to know about his association.

Giving you guys a small sneak peek of the place… The perfect place where a Chocolate store meets a sleek Hi-Tea Cafe!

I just love their old school decor. It’s elegant and classy! It gives a very warm and happy feeling. I also completely love how they’ve played with lights; it is simple and serves the purpose just perfectly. The Ambience henceforth deserves full marks. Coming to the food, just looking at it makes me hungry and also knowing that it had been created by Saby there’s nothing much to say.


I mean just look at it! Isn’t it just enticing! It’s much more than just food, it’s art! The menu is a blessing in disguise for all vegetarians; it’s a perfect mix of English, Italian, and Continental cuisine. One’s palette is definitely up for a treat at any given point.

When in Delhi one has to, has to try this place out. You would definitely be missing out on the beauty called MARVELOUS FOOD. It’s a paradise for food lovers. One stop to satisfy your craving, be it sweet or savoury.

Address to the place that leads to sheer happiness, joy, and satisfaction –

48, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi.



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