The Big Fat “INDIAN” Family Reunion

When we think of the words “Family Reunion,” what do we really understand? A house full of cousins, some recreation, lots and lots of gossips and great food (the only good part). That’s how one would visualise it. Well, sorry to disappoint, but that’s not how family reunions happens in Indian Families. For Indians, everything needs to larger than life, and that’s exactly how reunions generally happen at my maternal home.

Going to Guwahati (my maternal house) has been a yearly ritual for my mother, brother and me. As kids, my brother and I eagerly waited the entire year to go to Guwahati. It was the best one month of our entire year. What happened then? Well, the clichéd, ‘we grew up.’ The yearly ritual no longer remained the same. Our visits then got limited to only family functions and weddings. Nevertheless, whenever we went there it was sheer madness.

My maternal family is quite a close-knitted one. Hence we cousins enjoy an amazing bond and closeness (until they all decided to get married). Just Kidding! Coming back to the reunion, no celebration can ever be done on a small scale.

On 29th January 2016 my cousin brother got married, and so we added a new member to our family. He had a big fat Indian wedding, which was great (at least for us, for him, I don’t know). My brother and his wife have now successfully completed one happy year of their marriage.


The perfect reason for a family reunion; and as I told you it cannot happen on a small scale; so my uncle decides to throw a grand party, and there we land in Guwahati.

As much as I like the idea of a family get together I equally dread them as well. Until the time the conversations are limited to my cousins it’s good, trust me. Once my uncles and aunties get involved all I can think of is running away. There’s nothing more I despise than having small talks with my aunts and uncles. All they care to ask is, “Beta, when are you getting married? You’ve reached the marriageable age.” Not again, please, for god sake! Don’t even get me started. The perfect solution- run to the loo (at least that’s what I do). Everyone else apart from my parents is worried about my marriage.

When I reached here and met all of my cousins it felt as if nothing really changed in this past one year, we picked up things exactly where we had left off last year. Every moment spent with them makes a special memory in my heart. The fun, the laughter, the conversations, the music and dance, and the never ending eating sessions are the core ingredients of our reunion. At times it amazes me as to how the entire year might pass by without barely talking to each other but when we meet, not even for a second one can feel that we actually haven’t spoken to each other in the longest of time.

Well, that’s what family is I guess! We might not be talking all the time but we always know that we have each other’s back. After all, what is this life if we don’t have good people to share it with and I am glad that I have such amazing ones in mine. Though there are times when I do have my share of complaints with them but that again is a part of life. We all do gradually surpass those things, as the deep bond and love that we share for each other are beyond those complaints.

We are living in times where everyone’s running the race and we do tend to forget about the most meaningful relationships that we share with our cousins and close family members (I do the same). All of these things change when I meet them. They make me realise that what is the point of running the race when your loved ones are not waiting for you at the finishing line.

As critical as I get about my Uncle throwing lavish reunions I am glad he does so! He never fails to bring a huge smile on all our faces and gives us the best family time possible. 😀 My love and respect always increase for him whenever I meet him.



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