And it’s Finally here!!

Blogging has always been on my mind, probably since the time I was in college, which when I recall would be some eight years back. But me being the lazy me never even tried to get on with it… One could very well think what suddenly changed? Either I have too much free time or I am just trying to get over my laziness(which I suppose is a good thing).

Well, in my case both the situations are true. Being jobless currently has given me ample time to just ponder upon my thoughts and get over with my laziness and for once do something productive and meaningful in life. And Wa-lah here I am sitting and writing my first blog post which, to be honest, is giving me immense happiness and joy. Come to think of it eight years back I would have never thought that I would be so happy writing a blog.

So what really made me work on my writing? This again gave me the perfect reason to procrastinate to start blogging for the next two days. After pondering it for a very long time I finally reached a conclusion, which wasn’t a very pleasant one, though!

Here comes the ugly truth- all this while I have been very conscious and self-critical about my writing skills. Let’s face it I very well know that I am no Shakespeare or Murakami and probably there’s gonna be a number of grammatical errors in my writing as well, but who cares, I am solely satisfied with the thought that at least I began somewhere. In my head (and in reality) I have always enjoyed the entire process to writing but the only thought holding me back for the past eight years was the ‘FEAR’ of ‘NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH’ and the thought of being judged basis my writing skills. But past two months of unemployment actually gave me the strength to overcome this whole dilemma of ‘not being good enough’ (now sometimes something good comes out of being unemployed).

Hence I decided to take matters into my own hand and dive right into what has been my hobby as well as passion for a very long time ‘WRITING.’ When I decided upon starting a blog and disclosed it to my brother the first thing he asked was, “What are you going to blog about?” And I got offended thinking that he showed a very demotivating behaviour (which of course wasn’t true at all), and so it actually got me thinking the question is very much valid what am I going to write about? Next step- procrastination for the next two days, yet again! Unlike the last time, I couldn’t find a reasonable answer to it. Then the AA-HA moment happened. There were like some good 20-25 ideas jumping around in my head one after the another which I wanted to write about. The best part was that all these ideas did not belong to any particular category or genre. And there I found my answer, I do not require to focus on one particular topic when I can write about a number of different topics.

Well, there it is then I am going write about all the random stuff that just pops into my head and share my thoughts and interest with rest of the world. And who knows few years down the line something taken up just as a random hobby might just turn out to be something big. This brings me to the end of my very first blog post. I certainly feel very proud of myself. I know it’s not the best piece of writing, but then again who cares, it makes me happy and that’s all that matters!

Lastly, to all the people who think they have the fear of writing get over it, please! Just get down all your thoughts no matter what it may be. Just keep writing!!






26 thoughts on “And it’s Finally here!!

  1. Diana Oommen says:

    Well….congrats . It was a great piece to start with. I am glad u are doing something where your soul is. I am sure u heaved a big sigh of relief when it was completed. ..good luck in the future endeavours. ..


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